Certain Songs #240: Close Lobsters – “Let’s Make Some Plans”

511AYsJQPeL._SL500_SY355_ Album: What is There To Smile About? EP
Year: 1988.

Coming on the heels of Foxheads Stalk This Land, the late 1988 What Is There To Smile About? EP showed the Close Lobsters toughening up their music. They were still jangling all over the place, but this was one of those EPs that was more of a progress report than a stopgap. Songs like the title track and “Loopholes” sported the kind of world-class guitar riffs & hooks that would make Johnny Marr spin around in his grave.

And if you’ve ever heard any Close Lobsters song, chances are it’s “Let’s Make Some Plans.” Not only was there an actual video made, it was covered by the somewhat less obscure Wedding Present during the height of their somewhat less obscureness.


Certain Songs #239: Close Lobsters – “In Spite of These Times”

51+uY36BZEL._SY300_ Album: Foxheads Stalk This Land
Year: 1987.

While Foxheads Stalk This Land came out in 1987, I didn’t buy it until 1988, which is why my memories of listening to it revolve around the apartment at Wishon & McKinley during the dread summer of 1988.

That summer was those times in my life where it felt like everything was crashing around me, and the Wishon & McKinley apartment was the first time in my life I’d ever lived alone, so music felt like it was pretty much all I had.

Thus, my love for “In Spite of These Times.”


Certain Songs #238: Close Lobsters – “A Prophecy”

51+uY36BZEL._SY300_ Album: Foxheads Stalk This Land
Year: 1988.

One of my favorite running Twitter jokes is to take a random phrase that someone has just tweeted and use it as a band name. The usual construction is something like “I saw Fake Dead Girlfriend open for the Pixies at the i-Beam in 1991.”

The reason, of course, that this joke works is that there are real-life bands with names like “Close Lobsters.” It’s a name that makes no godsdamned sense, and it might even be just weird enough to be off-putting, which I guess is part of the point.


Certain Songs #237: Clem Snide – “I Love The Unknown”

Clemsnidefavemusic Album: Your Favorite Music
Year: 1999.

Always a cult band, Clem Snide have been releasing albums on an off and on basis since the late 1990s.

These days, they are probably best known for “Moment in the Sun” which was the theme song to the cult TV show Ed during the season where the producers of Ed couldn’t secure the rights to the Foo Fighters song (“Next Year”) they clearly preferred.


Certain Songs #236: The Clash – “This is England”

220px-Thisisengland_single Single, 1985.

I’ve already written about how not having a high school newspaper means I don’t have any embarrassing 1980 pans of London Calling out there. However, since I ended up publishing the KFSR fanzine in 1983, I do have a couple of dead wrong #hottakes on The Clash post-Mick Jones to quote from!!

At some point in mid-October of 1983, after I found out that Mick had been booted from the band, I wrote: