Certain Songs #446: Fishbone – “Everyday Sunshine”

Fishbone Reality Album: The Reality of My Surroundings
Year: 1991

What a pure blast of unfettered energy.

As one of the greatest singles in my favorite year for music, “Everyday Sunshine” should have been as big of a single as the Sly & The Family Stone songs that it proudly steals from.

In retrospect, it was probably inevitable that Fishbone would attempt a song like “Everyday Sunshine,” as they turned out to be as hard to pigeonhole into any single style as The Clash or Sly & The Family Stone ever were.


Certain Songs #445: Fishbone – “Party At Ground Zero”

Fishbone EP Album: Fishbone EP
Year: 1985

As I’ve written before, if you were a young person in the mid-1980s, you kept one eye permanently on the sky, expecting that at any moment nuclear hellfire would rain down from out of nowhere.

This naturally let to a lot of great songs, from The Clash’s “Stop The World” to XTC’s “This World Over,” but of all of the songs written about nuclear annihilation, none was more fun than Fishbone’s epic “Party At Ground Zero.”


Certain Songs #444: Fishbone – “? (Modern Industry)”

Fishbone Modern Industry Album: Fishbone EP
Year: 1985

This song is really mostly a trifle, but the video had a shout-out to KFSR, so how could I not include it?

Musically, “? (Modern Industry)” doesn’t amount to much more than a weird hybrid of reggae and the new wave that was dominating the radio stations that this song name-checked.


Certain Songs #443: 54-40 – “Sound of Truth”

54-40 sound of truth Album: Set The Fire
Year: 1984

Most likely, if people have heard of 54-40, it’s because of an episode of the TV show Friends. Specifically, the one with Hootie and The Blowfish, which was actually called “The One With Five Steaks and an Eggplant.”

After the usual series of wacky hijinx and hilarious misunderstandings, the gang finds themselves at a Hootie and The Blowfish concert, where — in a very unconvincing “concert” scene — Hootie and The Blowfish aren’t playing one of their songs from Cracked Rear View, but rather a cover of the Canadian band 54-40’s “I Go Blind.”


Certain Songs #442: Felt – “Primitive Painters”

Felt Primitive Album: Ignite The Seven Cannons
Year: 1985

Felt was another band that I shoulda loved more than I did. But despite all of the jangly guitars, psychedelic textures and amazing song titles like “Dismantled King is Off Of The Throne” and “All The People I Like Are Those That Are Dead”, I never quite got into them.

Except, of course, for their absolute classic masterpiece, “Primitive Painters.”