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The Daily Loper – October 31, 2006

Oooooooh, Scaaaarrrrry! Edition

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Music Executive Declares ‘CD Is Dead’, Announces Plans To Save The CD

It takes a true visionary to stand up to his industry and speak unpopular truths.
That’s exactly what EMI CEO Alain Levy did last Friday when he told an audience at the London Business School that, in his opinion, the CD format is dead. The audience gasped, the media ran banner headlines lamenting the passing of the once popular audio format, music lovers shrugged and loaded more songs onto their iPods.

There’s just one problem with this story. Levy didn’t really say that he thinks the CD format is dead. If you read his remarks closely you’ll see that he actually said “The CD as it is right now is dead”. See the difference? He’s implying that the CD format can be saved. Furthermore, he has a plan:


The Daily Loper – October 30, 2006

Happy 24th Birthday, KFSR Edition

Today’s links of interest:

  • Twyla Tharp brings Bob Dylan to Broadway
    Well, it seemed like a terrible idea in the first place. And once again pointing out that convergence for the sake of convergence leads to a chaotic blob rather than a recontextualization that provides new insights into an older work.
  • In Early Newspapers, Impartiality Was the Exception
    Yes, yes, yes, it is indeed common knowledge that neutral bias is one of those things we made up in the last century.
  • YouTube Is Purging Copyrighted Clips
    Hmm, next up: major deals with YouTube to post copyrighted clips. Right now, the method-du-jour is to go to YouTube to catch something you missed last night on The Daily Show — taking that privilege away from viewers might backfire.
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Great Googlely Moogley! Don’t Use Their Name in Vain!

blue_haired_lawyer_1.jpgSometimes even companies we love become too big for their britches. I guess that they get so used to having control of their environment and/or their market, they decide that they want to overreach and try to control things that they have no business trying to control.

The latest company guilty of trying to overreach: Google.

All they want to do now is control the English Language. Hey, let us know how that works out.


The Weekly ‘Loper – October 29, 2006

While you were not watching the World Series, here’s what we were looking at: