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The Weekly ‘Loper – December 31, 2006

While you were wondering if they moved Saddam’s execution up in order to prove that old trope that celebrity deaths only come in threes, here’s what we were looking at for the past couple of weeks:

  • Second Life, Activism, and the Digital Arena – Just because it’s virtual doesn’t mean that it isn’t real. Or real enough, as the case may be.
  • Top 10 Albums Of 2006 (plus!) – A listing of my favorite albums, CDs, records, directories — whatever you wanna call it — of the past year. Highly subjective. Of course.
  • Second Life, Snowballing and Solstice – It’s winter in Second Life, with snowball fights and everything.
  • James Brown Finds Bridge, Crosses It – Not only did James Brown practically invent modern music, he may also have invented the way that modern musicians market themselves.
  • Whatever Happened To…Rocketboom? – In the first of a series of stories that give the latest on topics that we covered during our first year online, Kassia looks at Rocketboom, post Amanda Congdon.
  • Whatever Happened To Lonelygirl15? – What I really wonder is how the copy of Wired with Jessica Rose on the cover “mysteriously” made it to Kirk’s coffee table. Did Santa leave it? Was it transported from the Enterprise? Was it forgotten by the Borrowers? Was it magically dropped on the table by faries? Perhaps it was bunnies!
  • Whatever Happened To The Zune? – For some reason, after months and months of coverage of the Zune, this set some people off, causing accusations of unfairness and irrationality. Pointing out the fact that Microsoft chose to make Zune incompatible with Microsoft’s previous DRM (and we cheer Bill Gates for seeing the light on DRM) is anti-Zune? Obviously these people haven’t squirted nearly as much as they had hoped to.
  • Whatever Happened To Spiral Frog? – It’s in double-secret Beta!!
  • Whatever Happened To The Prism DuroSport? – As it turns out, putting out the Worst Digital Media Player ever was just the beginning of their woes.
  • Whatever Happened To The Origami? – The cheap joke is that it seems to have folded in on itself. However, since it’s actually not so much a product as it is a spec for a product third parties can manufacture, it really got overshadowed by Zune and Vista.

The Daily Loper – December 30, 2006

Privacy? What Privacy? Edition

Todays links of interest:

Whatever Happened To The Origami?

Last spring the tech blogosphere was buzzing about the impending release of a new Microsoft product code-named Origami. Like most products with code-names, details on the Origami were sketchy at first. Some speculated that it would be an iPod killer, while others thought it would be a more general purpose mobile entertainment device. The buzz was fueled by the appearance of mysterious video prior to the actual product announcement. The whole thing had a certain orchestrated quality about it.

Origami Day came and went and all we got out of it was a new acronym. Turns out the Origami is a UMPC (that’s short for Ultra Mobile PC). Essentially the Origami is a Microsoft reference specification that third party OEM’s can use to produce portable PC devices. UMPC’s are smaller than a notebook computer, but larger than a Pocket PC. And according to the Microsoft site, UMPC’s can do EVERYTHING.


Whatever Happened To The Prism DuroSport?

The Prism DuroSport 6000 Last April we reviewed the Prism DuroSport 6000 digital audio player. At the time we determined it was the worst digital media player ever produced. After spending some time with Microsoft’s Zune, I’m prepared to declare that the Prism DuroSport has retained it’s title — although that may not be the case for much longer since the company is apparently working on something it’s calling the Pütz. Pütz will apparently be a “fully integrated approach to music and entertainment.” Having seen this company’s other products that sort of talk scares us.


The Daily Loper – December 29, 2006

Happenings Ten Months Time Ago Edition

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