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The Daily Loper – January 31, 2007

Ghosts of Electricity Edition

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I Hate The Cable Company: January 2007

As a public service, Medialoper offers the latest installment of I Hate The Cable Company, our monthly(ish) roundup of some recent stories where ordinary citizens have had issues with the service and/or pricing of their local cable company.

The Daily Loper – January 30, 2007

A Lethal Dose of Salvation Edition

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The Web’s Next Get Rich Scheme

I am mildly fascinated by the recent revenue sharing (for lack of a better term) announcement from YouTube. Now that the site is strong and part of the Google family, content owners will get a bit of the advertising dollars that will inevitably flow into the site’s coffers. It will also require a lot more of the diligence that copyright owners desire — demand — from the Internet.

This might appease some of the major players who are reluctant to “share” their videos with the YouTube nation. Once their eyes grow glassy with visions of millions of passive dollars flowing into their company coffers, surely they’ll open the vaults o’content, eager to offer more, more, more to make more, more, more.

The Daily Loper – January 29, 2007

And Now It Goes Like That Edition

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