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DuroSport Strikes Again: Second Life Store a Health Hazard

Virtual Prism DuroSport The first thing you notice is the boxes. The huge, huge boxes, piled high on top of each other from the floor to the airplane-hangar sized ceiling.

What, you wonder, could these gigantic boxes possibly contain? The only possible items are washers and dryers, refrigerators, sofa sets, even SUVs. Maybe a really huge television. But if you’re the DuroSport Electronics Corporation, then these impossibly large boxes contain your latest product: a portable virtual media player.

During the past year we’ve had more than our share of laughs over the ongoing foibles of the DuroSport Corporation. From the company’s unbelievably bad portable media player to an embarrassing t-shirt recall last summer, it sometimes seems like DuroSport can’t do anything right. As it turns out DuroSport’s problems are not the result of poor engineering and horrendous customer service. No, according to company officials DuroSport has been victimized by “the current technological limitations of reality.”

So what’s a consumer electronics company to do when reality lets it down? Open a store in the virtual world known as Second Life, of course.


The Daily Loper – March 30, 2007

She Can’t Dance, She’s Four Months Pregnant! Edition

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That’s What I Like: The Glory of War

It’s probably no secret that many of us ‘Lopers are ex-denizens of the great Central Valley of California. We all fled the land of raisins, heat, and smog for a variety of reasons (for me it was the educational opportunity at a UC school). However, there remain behind some last bastions of civilization who continue to ply their craft, whatever it may be. I have many friends and family members who continue to fight the good fight against the forces of ignorance and darkness that litter the valley floor like so much white trash.

One person in particular who seems like a lonely voice in the wilderness is the self-styled War Nerd, Gary Brecher. He is hands-down Fresno’s, and good lord, maybe the country’s, foremost authority on the history and art of war, considering he spends (by his accounting) upwards of eight hours per day researching the subject. But Brecher is more than just a pimply-faced geek who fantasizes about slaying hordes of orcs and trolls in his next Dungeons & Dragons campaign. He is a writer of uncommon capability who says things about the nature of war that we all want to avoid but secretly agree with. It’s a nasty business and even though the winners get to rewrite history into a simplistic good vs. bad metaphor, the truth is far more nuanced. The 115 columns Brecher has penned for a Moscow-based online journal called “The Exile” contain the kind of poetic verbal acrobatics that would bring tears to Lao-Tzu’s eyes.


The Daily Loper – March 29, 2007

I Barely Have Time For My Life, I Don’t Need A Second Life Edition

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  • Paris Driven to Probation Violation?
    While it would be totally awesome if they threw her skanky ho ass in jail, it still isn’t BREAKING NEWS, Channel 7 KABC in Los Angeles.
  • Selig defends DirecTV-baseball deal
    He can defend it all he wants, but it’s still wrong, and yet another slap in the face of baseball fans from the arrogant ownership who has such contempt for us. Assholes.
  • Call for blogging code of conduct
    The Kathy Sierra incident was not an isolated issue. And many think it’s time that the blogging community starts acting like responsible members of society rather than juveniles acting out when someone disagrees with them.
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Buffy’s Back!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has had many incarnations. Originally, it was a not-so-good movie starring Kristy Swanson and Luke Perry. Despite the lack of success, creator Joss Whedon was given a chance to do it again, and because the network he was on was still in the “we’ll try anything” mode, turned it into an brilliant, iconic TV Series starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.

That show was funny, sad, witty and at times, even operatic. It was also one of the most influential series of the past decade. After spinning off Angel — perhaps the weirdest TV show ever — it also spun right into the realm of the comic book.