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The Daily Loper – April 30, 2007

Time And Relative Dimension In Space Edition

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How To Save Network Television

Last week, I noted two seemingly contradictory articles. The first commented on NBC’s apparent low ratings. The second (nice of me to put the two in one post, no?) talks about DVRs being used in greater numbers and increasing viewership of shows. One other statistic that has been buried in the news about viewership these past few weeks was that during the recent spate of reruns, viewers moved on.

Once upon a time, reruns were space fillers — when there were only three networks, the networks held the viewers captive. What were they gonna do? Watch something else? Ha.

The Weekly ‘Loper – April 29, 2007

While you were busy canceling yet another good TV show before it has a chance to find an audience, here’s what we were looking at:

The Daily Loper – April 27, 2007

Oh My God, You’re Middle Management! Edition

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Sleep: That’s What I Really Like

I am not now, nor have I ever been, a morning person. I once had a job where I had to be awake and alert at seven in the morning, five days a week. Everyone said I’d get used to it, but the truth of the matter is that every single morning was a struggle. While I’m sure that my particular fondness for sleeping late on Saturday mornings began long before that job, it was then that I began to covet those mornings.

Now, as I work nearly full-time (okay, it’s more than forty hours a week, it’s probably a little past “nearly”) on a consulting project in addition to my regular blogging schedule plus my other writing assignments, I find those Saturday mornings mean even more to me. I refuse to open my eyes until the sun is high in the sky.