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The Daily Loper – May 31, 2007

Scare Your Son and Scare Your Daughter Edition

Todays links of interest:

  • Arcade Fire’s second Greek show a huge improvement over first
    While Win Butler running up the stairs at the Greek was cool, it wasn’t quite David Byrne doing laps around the US Festival stage at the end of "Life During Wartime" a quarter-century ago. However, you really can’t go wrong when the last two songs of a set are "Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)" and "Rebellion (Lies)" — the latter of which is the best anti-sleeping song ever.
  • David Hyde Pierce is officially out
    This just in: "Frasier" reruns are going to be banned in Poland.
  • Springfield, Minn., to Simpsons: Drop dead
    While we don’t necessarily disapprove of one of the Springfields not wanting to become part of the marketing juggernaut that is going to surround "The Simpsons Movie," we do note that they could do it with a little bit more, uh, humor. And also, no doubt Mayor Quinby would describe his Springfield in exactly the same terms.
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Google’s Next Five Killer Applications

Earlier this week Google unveiled the new Street View feature on Google Maps. Street View takes the mapping service to a whole new level. Where previously we were awed by the detail of the aerial photography overlaid on Google’s mapping system, now users can zoom down to street level to see exactly what’s happening in any given neighborhood. It’s all there in Google Street View — every car, every pedestrian, every stray tabby.

Not surprisingly, the feature has met with mixed reviews. While most people are appropriately impressed by the technology, more than a few people are concerned by the privacy implications. Yesterday Boing Boing kept tabs on all of the interesting discoveries bloggers were able to find in just the first day of the Street View’s availability. There was a crazy lady concerned that her cat had been photographed, a guy walking out of a strip club on O’Farrel Street, and loads of innocent bystanders who just happened to be out walking around the day the Google van rolled through their neighborhood.

Predictably, “concerned citizens” are crawling out of the woodwork complaining that Google is on the verge of becoming Big Brother. Some fear that Google has access to too much information. I say that’s Nonsense. If anything, Google doesn’t have access to enough information. In the near future, when Google has access to ALL data, we’ll finally see some really innovative applications and services.

Like these:


The Daily Loper – May 30, 2007

Historically,That’s Been the Case Edition

Todays links of interest:

  • Why Apple TV is a dud
    Apple TV has been a huge disappointment (but we told you it would be). Still, it makes a great sushi platter.
  • Music site bought by CBS
    One of the first social music sites sells-out to CBS. The move doesn’t come as a surprising given the upcoming changes in royalty rates. Deep pockets are now required for anyone wanting to stream music from from the web. Let’s just hope that remains relatively unchanged by this merger.
  • Watchdog backs off "Teletubbies" comment
    Apparently, it turns out that they might have more productive things to do that ferreting out possible "promotion of homosexuality" — whatever in the hell that even means.
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Apple Launches iTunes Plus: Downloads Without DRM

Several reports today that Apple has started its experiment with offering music that isn’t restricted by any Digital Rights Management. They are calling it iTunes Plus — I guess that the “Plus” is the freedom to do whatever you want with the songs you download.

Which, of course, shouldn’t really be a plus, but rather a default. But “iTunes Default” or “iTunes As It Shoulda Been In The First Place” probably wouldn’t have gone over too well with the marketing folks, so “iTunes Plus” it is.


What I’ll Do On My Summer Vacation

Most of my peers wangled tickets to Cannes. There’s no reason for them to be at Cannes — we get screeners and free tickets, despite our lowly status on the motion picture totem pole — but it’s important to be seen. And you see a lot at Cannes, if you know what I mean. After Cannes, as we all know, the summer season begins in Hollywood.

Things are a little shaky, schedule-wise, now that Thursday are the new Fridays. It’s common knowledge that you can’t schedule anything on Friday. Now you have to navigate around “doctor’s appointments” and “leaving early because I can” issues on Thursday. Also, you cannot make any sort of solid plans for Mondays. Things happen.