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The Daily Loper – June 29, 2007

Free At Last Edition

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The Scream, or They Do It So We Don’t Have To

Driving home late Wednesday night through Hollywood, my car got stopped by police and bodyguards outside of Amoeba Music, the greatest store on planet Earth. There was, to put it mildly, a melee and I had absolutely no idea what was going on. Did someone have an early release iPhone? Maybe it was Paris Hilton, post-Larry King Live? All I could gather was screaming, flashes, cell phones, exhortations of love, and hundreds of people on both sides of the Cahuenga Blvd. My car, in the left hand lane, was forced to stop to let a limo out from behind Amoeba. Whatever. I was in no hurry. All I could see through the windows was a hand wave to the crowd; well wishes and love being exchanged from crowd to celebrity, and back. A force feedback loop of emotions from admiration to adoration. It was like something out of “A Hard Day’s Night.”

I started thinking about the scream, and where it comes from. There is something so primal about it that we can all relate and vicariously thrill to the scream as it comes from a place we don’t normally inhabit or take part in within the structure of our normal day-to-day activities. (Possible exceptions: dealing with bad drivers and unruly kids.) From our infancy, to adolescence, to adulthood the scream represents different things. It starts off as communication, followed by rebellion, and finally back to communication, albeit in art form.


The Daily Loper – June 28, 2007

Exterminate! Edition

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Make and Craft: A Case Study For Entertainment Companies

Make Issue 08 coverHere is what happens when you give a blogger free wine. After confessing that I had wheedled and whined until I was the proud recipient of the last display copy of a new publication at a recent trade show (believe me, the wheedling wasn’t pretty; it was effective), I ventured another confession. “I really want to knit the kimono.”

“Me, too,” said the employee of the publisher. She’d expressed no horror at my underhanded tactics, assuring me that had she been there, she would have given me the magazine, too. She leaned forward and lowered her voice. “But did you see the size of the needles? They’re tiny! It would take forever.”

“Yeah.” What else could I say? Knitting a kimono would be a challenge, but, well, it would also be a challenge that would take the better part of a year. My current project is already moving into forever territory. I shrugged. “I’m knitting laptop covers for Christmas.”*

And off the conversation went. It turns out that nothing excites a vendor at a trade show like the prospect of knitting laptop covers and using cool, shiny, big buttons to close the snugly cover. The husband wandered over to another table, his attention focused on the Holy Grail of magazines. “It’s the pinball issue!”

The Daily Loper – June 27, 2007

Also, Dawn’s A Giant Edition

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