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The Daily Loper – July 31, 2007

Simpsonized! Edition

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The Daily Loper – July 30, 2007

Hopefully Ingmar Asked Death About That Whole “Coming in 3’s” thing Edition

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  • Paris Hilton loses inheritance
    No, she didn’t leave her purse in a nightclub. Grandpa Hilton apparently discovered the Internets this past weekend and was appalled at what he found when he used The Google to search for little Paris. Long story short, the Hilton fortune is going to charity instead of Paris. Finally, some justice.
  • Attorney Allred developing reality TV show
    What took so long?
  • Former 49er head coach Bill Walsh dies
    The 1980s and early 1990s was a great time to be a San Francisco 49er fan. A large part of that was due to the genius of Bill Walsh. The short pass-oriented so-called "West Coast Offense" was a new wrinkle for the NFL, and one that has repercussions to this day.
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It Only Took 20 Years…

Okay, how crazy is it that the Simpsons movie, the aptly named The Simpsons Movie (and available only in theaters), would gross $72 million on a hot summer weekend? Think about it: the world has been watching The Simpsons weekly for nearly twenty years, yet people still did the whole trek to the theater to see what sort of craziness the gang might encounter when released in large screen format.

It’s enough to inspire and bemuse.

There are many theories about why The Simpsons endures after all these years. Mine is that the show just keeps getting weirder — no mean feat for a show that started in the realm of pretty strange. Perhaps, unlike Second Life, The Simpsons is a true manifestation of what would happen if the laws of gravity and physics and probably even inertia were ignored.

The Weekly ‘Loper – July 29, 2007

While you were trying to figure out how to prove that the baggie of coke in your pants pocket really wasn’t yours, here’s what we were looking at:

The Daily Loper – July 27, 2007

754 Edition

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