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The Daily Loper – February 27, 2008

Sitting Here In My Safe California Home Edition

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The Daily Loper – February 25, 2008

The Sophisticated Palette of the Moronic Edition

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Trust: The Real Loser In the HD-DVD/BluRay Battle

For those of us who make a habit of predicting the future, the recent demise of HD-DVD was an inevitability. Press reports indicated that a mere 600,000 standalone units had been sold to consumers. My notes from last year’s SXSW festival indicate that half a million total HD-DVD/Blu-Ray players were in the market — obviously, sales didn’t skyrocket. After all the fanfare and hype, the consumer shrugged.

Of course, the consumer — or that portion of consumers who invested in HD-DVD technology — lost. This does not bode well for the motion picture industry, and you’ve got to wonder who will be fired for failing to gauge the mood of the DVD-purchasing public. Just as many people predicted the disaster of the Iraq war, many of us saw how this made-up DVD format war would end.

The Daily Loper – February 24, 2008

Gaydolf Titler Edition

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The Daily Loper – February 22, 2008

Comic Book Guy’s Bar Edition

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  • From West Wing to the real thing
    We were actually just thinking about that: how much "Campaign 2008" seemed to be matching the final — underrated — season of "The West Wing." Let’s hope that it continues to play out the way it did on the TV show.
  • David Simon on the end of ‘The Wire’
    One of the more fascinating off-air subplots surrounding the final season of the still-awesome "The Wire," — which has caused a civil war among its small but rabid fanbase with a pair of major storylines based around a lying reporter and a lying cop — is David Simon’s seeming willingness to defend every aspect of this season in every possible forum.
  • Hollywood trade paper Variety put on auction block
    Here’s hoping the new owners don’t cut the headline-writing scribes.
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