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Possession: Not Just 9/10ths of the Law

I know this guy who has hundreds of friends on the Facebook. I know another guy who’s trolling for his thousandth friend on the MySpace. I know authors by the score who talk about how many friends they have on this social network or that (LinkedIn geeks, anyone?). Musicians who have built entire careers on their friends list. What if Facebook disappeared tomorrow? Poof! Into the ether. Gone without a trace.

Taking all your friends with it.

Could happen. Could happen at any point. Could happen in a way that you don’t expect. Like, maybe the site doesn’t disappear, but there’s this weird database glitch and 90% of your friends are lost to you. Let’s say this happens, oh, about an hour before you send out a message touting your latest project.

The Daily Loper – March 31, 2008

Waiting For The Plane To Land Edition

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The Daily Loper – March 28, 2008

We Always Had A Ball on Mars Edition

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Has Spiral Frog Become An Essential Part of Your Life?

Longtime readers of this site (that would be Will and John) know that there are consumer products to which we’ve never been very kind. These products include Microsoft’s Zune, anything from DuroSport Electronics and of course SpiralFrog, the major label-sponsored website that allows you to download DRM’d music for FREE! All you have to do is ignore some ads.

After first making fun of the concept, then making fun of the amazingly long time to market, and finally, making fun of the thing itself, I figured that I was done with ever writing about it ever again. Hell, I thought I was done with ever thinking about it again.

Until last night.


The Daily Loper – March 27, 2008

It’s About The Losing Edition

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  • LA Times Apologizes for Shakur Story
    However, Sean Combs is still guilty of oversampling on his biggest singles; all of those name changes and that whole J Lo thing.
    Still dead.
  • The Telefile – Online Blog, TV Show News, Current Events, TV Reviews
    In case you were wondering how far off we were when we recently worried that the departure of Television Without Pity’s founders would lead directly to a decline on the overall quality of the website, here’s Exhibit #1: their Telefile Blog, which had started out as a daily commentary on TV has been instantly reduced to virtually nothing more than a means to drive traffic to the Universal co-owned Hulu. Synergy!!
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