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Into Outer Space with Jeff Bezos

Yesterday at Book Expo America, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced plans to take over the publishing industry. After that, he plans to fly away to space.

The publishing industry’s reaction? Polite applause.

Bezos’ presentation was something of a coming out party for the Kindle. This is the first Book Expo since the Kindle’s release, and it was the first time that the industry as a whole has had a good look at the device.

Launched last December, the Kindle is just now becoming widely available without a long delay. Bezos was on hand to show off the Kindle, brag about early user reactions, and beat around the bush about what appears to be very promising ebook sales figures.

Naturally, book publishers love Bezos. He’s the man who figured out how to sell books on the Internet. He took the hard work out of ecommerce and provided publishers with an incredibly efficient sales channel at no cost to the industry. What’s not to love?


The Daily Loper – May 30, 2008

Where the Banshees Live and They Do Live Well Edition

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  • Workers shifting to 4-day week to save gasoline
    Why stop there?? At Medialoper, we feel that it is clearly our patriotic duty to go to a 3-day week if it will help the U.S. economy by saving fuel consumption. Otherwise, the terrorists win.
  • Time Warner Cable to offer web to TV link
    Hoo boy! I would so totally prefer my web to TV link to be provided by anybody but a cable company like Time Warner.
  • Aging Chicks: Still Rockin’ or Embarrassing?
    How is it even possible that this question is being asked? If it ain’t embarrassing for Keith Richards and Bob Dylan to keep rockin’, then it sure as shit isn’t embarrassing for Debbie Harry or Tina Turner. Any other view is based upon an outmoded view of rock being somehow only kid’s music.
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Why is Prince Being a Creep About that Radiohead Cover?

You’d think that it would be so easy: as a wink and a nod at the audience for whom he’s performing, Prince does a cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” at Coachella, a bunch of cell-phone videos gets put up on YouTube, and everybody marvels — for the eighty zillionth time — at what a versatile mother-fracker Prince is.

And, oh yeah, what a great song “Creep” remains. Sure, it would have been cooler had Prince covered “Karma Police” or “Everything In Its Right Place,” (especially if Prince had changed the opening line to “Yesterday I woke up, you were sucking my lemon”), but, all things considered, “Creep” was good enough, and the whole thing just becomes part of the legend of both artists.

You’d think. But, as it turns out, things are a bit more complicated. Which since it’s Prince and Radiohead, makes a lot of sense, since inherent in the greatness of each artist is more than a touch of madness.


The Daily Loper – May 29, 2008

Beautiful and Stoned Edition

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The Daily Loper – May 28, 2008

I Hear Books, And Jane Wanting To Cry Edition

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