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The Daily Loper – June 30, 2008

Moving to Rockferry Edition

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  • Obama fights back against questions on patriotism
    As stupid as insisting that something as meaningless as a flag pin lapel is an indicator of how much someone loves their country (the map is not the territory), what Wesley Clark said is as equally stupid. Noone is truly "qualified" to be POTUS; it’s really way more about the ideals and intelligence you bring to the Oval Office. Or at least it should be.
  • Hollywood on edge as actors contract set to expire
    Have checked with Hollywood and it believes this headline might be overstating things a bit.
  • Rhapsody takes on iTunes
    This is what we’ve been looking for: more places to legally purchase DRM-free digital music at decent prices.
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Saving Newspapers The Practical Way

When I was a mere pre-blogger, one of my life’s fantasies was to become a journalist. I still remember my first published article, written when I was a high school freshman. I did a story on teenage mothers who were finishing school while caring for their babies. They were doing this in what was my former elementary school, previously closed due to budget cuts.

I still remember how weird that felt, talking to girls my age who were learning algebra and how to raise babies in the place I learned to read.

Time went on and I became co-editor of my school paper, together with one my best friends. Around then, I realized that, to be honest, I was more of an opinion columnist than journalist. Sometimes facts get in the way of the story. This might be why I also write fiction. But I’ve always loved newspapers, more for what they represent than what they are.

The Daily Loper – June 29, 2008

Everybody Wants You To Be Just Like Them Edition

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The Daily Loper – June 27, 2008

Gotta Find a New Place Where the Kids are Hip Edition

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The Daily Loper – June 26, 2008

Girls Could Not Resist His Stare Edition

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