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How The Bootleg Series 8 Will Lead to More Bob Dylan Piracy

Bob Dylan Bootleg Series 8: Tell-Tale SignsSo first, the good news, courtesy of the A.V. Club: Bob Dylan is putting out The Bootleg Series Vol 8.

This one — subtitled Tell Tale Signs — concentrates on rare and unreleased music from 1989 – 2006, and can actually be seen as a companion to the very first Bootleg Series, especially since one of the songs on Tell Tale Signs is another version of “Series of Dreams,” one of the more talked-about tracks from that first collection, put out nearly 20 years ago.

It probably goes without saying that I love Dylan’s Bootleg Series discs, even if they contain songs I’ve already heard, because not only is the quality top-notch, there are always surprises. I’m very much looking forward to discovering what this one has in store. Best of all, as anybody who has the Genuine Basement Tapes knows, there’s always more where that came from.

Yet, this time, there is a problem.


The Daily Loper – July 30, 2008

There’s Always Other Boys Edition

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Stuck in Ybor City With The Memphis Blues Again Edition

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So, you might have noticed that we just had a 5.4 earthquake here in Southern California, where Medialoper HQ is located. I was standing in line at a burger joint near the corner San Vicente and La Brea when I noticed the shaking. Or actually, since I was — as usual — lost in my own head, I first noticed other people noticing the shaking.

I thought, “hey, earthquake.”

When you’ve lived in California all of your life you — well, “get used to” is probably a bit strong — tend to get dispassionate in the first few seconds of a quake. What you’re doing is measuring it, doing the math, trying to figure out if it’s actually the BIG ONE, or nearly as bad, a Big One. What you’re doing, of course, is the Richter Scale math.


The Daily Loper – July 28, 2008

Big Sketchy Mess Edition

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