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24 Musical Moments to Die For

You can talk about genres, artists, albums, or even songs, but sometimes what keeps us coming back to music is the discovery of the transcendent musical moment. For me, “the moment” is the part of the song that fully and utterly engages me; the reason that I keep coming back to it.

I’m not necessarily talking about hooks here, because the purpose of a hook is the draw you into a song. I’m really talking more about traps: the part of a song that that keeps you there.

The is the second in a series. The first one had 25, this one has 24.

Every single moment I’ve listed below kills me single every time I hear it.

Oh, and this isn’t in any kind of order, despite the numbering.


24 Musical Moments To Die For, Part 2

NOTE: Because of a godsdammed bug between Flash and Firefox for Windows, I’ve had to break this up into two parts in order for the players to work for those with that particular configuration. Stupid internets.


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I Walked Around and Yelled A Lot Edition

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In A World Edition

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A Sneak Preview of the Aaron Sorkin Facebook Movie

From various sources today comes the news that legendary TV & Film writer Aaron Sorkin is going to write a film about the rise of Facebook. What makes this so interesting is that Sorkin has been hating on the internet since the West Wing days, so this choice seems, well, counter-intuitive.

At first blush, Oliver Stone’s film about George W. Bush seems like it will be more sympathetic to the subject than any film that Aaron Sorkin is going to write about the internet.

But as it turns out, that’s wrong. At least according to this sneak preview of the film, which will be called Yourbook.