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The Daily Loper – September 30, 2008

They Eat A Lot of Porridge Edition

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The Daily Loper – September 29, 2008

That Wasn’t A Tapeworm Edition

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  • Muxtape Explains RIAA Shutdown
    We would file this one with all other stories about the music industry’s inability to figure out a way to keep itself alive, but the eight filing cabinets we bought for this topic alone are overflowing.
  • Rachel Maddow finds the right formula on MSNBC
    Lost in the all cries of "liberalism" (like it’s a dirty word!) was the fact that Rachel Maddow is articulate and intelligent.
  • About 57 Million Tune In for Debate
    At least Americans are paying attention this time. We thought McCain looked defensive and cranky. Took a few days for the pundits to agree with us.
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The One That He Likes, Or It’s Cloudy in Pasadena

On a day like today, I am reminded how much I like clouds. Though it’s a little steamy here in SoCal, we’re also seeing a few drops of much-needed rain. It’s been so long, many of us had nearly forgotten what it sounds like, waking to a thunderstorm.

Clouds are really hot right now in the tech world. I don’t pretend to understand all ins and outs of cloud computing, but get that there’s tremendous potential for sharing and flexibility when it comes to content and information. I also get that there are more than a few red flags when it comes to “the cloud.”

Recently, a consortium lead by Sony announced a project called “Open Market.” Do not be fooled by the word “open”; this is a DRM scheme, plain and simple. The plan is simple (and not that new). You buy content, and then you get to access said content on a series of devices registered to your “domain.” In theory, this means, all house laptops, desktops, cell phones, devices-to-be-named-later. There is some sharing and the concept of interoperability.

The Daily Loper – September 27, 2008

Cool Hand Luke Edition

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The Daily Loper – September 26, 2008

To Everything, Spin Spin Spin Edition

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