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The Daily Loper – September 25, 2008

It’s Always A Night For Comedy Edition

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Why I’m Thinking About Abandoning My iPhone

I have an iPhone. Old-school, 4GB, purchased on a whim last summer and, despite a glitch here and there, it’s been an amazingly handy and even transformative device.

That said, I’m dumping it because now that the T-Mobile Google Android-based G1 is out, I’m over the iPhone, which sucks sucks sucks. Not really, though I’m assuming that some of the comments on this article will act as if I said just that.

What is true is this: I didn’t purchase a 3G; and when my original AT&T contract is up next year, I’m going to take a good hard look at whichever version of the G1 is out there vs. whichever version of the iPhone is out there.

And here are some reasons why.


The Daily Loper – September 24, 2008

Not Just another Drop in the Ocean Edition

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  • MySpace tries to strike new chord in digital music
    And by "new chord," they mean "2003," when the concept of tying millions of FREE (but not free) songs to a social network would have seemed like an innovative idea instead of a last-ditch effort not to lose the last bit of their mojo to Facebook.
  • McCain suspends campaign to work on Wall Street plan
    Cazart! Isn’t part of the burden of being President the fact that you have to deal with multiple issues, crises, and obligations at the same time? Also, if we were attacked, and the opinion polls shifted towards McCain, would he suspend his campaign?
  • Don’t drive iPhone developers away, Apple
    Despite the fact that there are a ton of apps in the App Store, there are still a lot of useful apps currently missing. Here is a deep look at some of the issues that might drive developers (and eventually users) to, say, Android.
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The Daily Loper – September 23, 2008

How Does It Feel To Be a Cat Edition

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The Daily Loper – September 22, 2008

Equinoxy Edition

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