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The Daily Loper – October 31, 2008

Two Steps Forward, Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You Edition

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The Daily Loper – October 30, 2008

Happy 26th Birthday to 90.7 KFSR Edition

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Waiting for Google’s Kindle Killer

During an onstage interview with Chris Anderson at this year’s BEA, Jeff Bezos described his vision of a world where any book ever published would be available anywhere, at any time. At the time it seemed like one of those distant fantasies that might be decades away. Bezos acknowledged that there was a lot of work to be done before that vision would ever become a reality. Little did he know at the time…

With the Google Book Search agreement Bezos’ vision has come much closer to being a reality. The problem for Bezos is that he was hoping that vision would be realized through the Kindle. While the Kindle promises to put a whole bookstore in the palm of your hand, a Google powered reader could put the Library of Congress in the palm of your hand.

Kindle’s 190,000 available titles pale in comparison to the millions of titles Google has just been granted access to. But Amazon still holds a couple of obvious advantages over Google: (more…)

The Daily Loper – October 29, 2008

Infomercial Edition

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  • My Year Of Flops, Disgustingly Patriotic Case File #122 The Rocketeer
    "Alas, it had the misfortune of opening two weeks before Terminator 2, so it could have boasted the most beautiful woman in existence and a cameo from J.D. Salinger and a resurrected Jesus Christ, and it still would have bombed at the box office."
  • AC/DC’s Black Ice Sells Nearly 800,000
    Considering that it was 1) CD-only and 2) Wal-Mart only, you gotta give it up for AC/DC’s relentless old-school approach.
  • FuckedStartups
    While we appreciate to revitalize the classic unforgiving snark of Fucked Company, it’s hard to take seriously any blogger who doesn’t understand how and when to use an apostrophe. " Starts Layoff’s" is bad enough, but " Let’s Go Of 5/7 Developers" is just pathetic.
  • (more…)

Next Year on FOX: The Joe The Plumber Reality Series

Well, it’s now official: Joe The Plumber — thrust in the spotlight by his newfound close personal friend John McCain — has officially endorsed Senator McCain for President. This should be a surprise to absolutely nobody. While Mr. The Plumber has heretofore demurred as to whom he was supporting, he continually undermined those demurrals by saying how much worse his life would be if Senator Obama became President Obama.

However, Medialoper has it on good authority that Mr. The Plumber — real name Samuel J. Wurzelbacher — should actually be rooting for Senator Obama. Because the FOX network is going to put his beliefs to the test!!

That’s right, if Obama wins, look for The Joe The Plumber’s Real America Show reality series on FOX next year! According to our sources, it will be “in the tradition of The Hills,” as we follow Wurzelbacher’s attempt to actually earn more than $250,000 in 2009, and thereby qualify to have his taxes raised by Obama.

If he makes that much money and has his taxes raised, then he wins!