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The Daily Loper – January 30, 2009

Coyote, Why Did You Take Me So Far From Home? Edition

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The Daily Loper – January 29, 2009

She Looks Like Eva Marie Saint in “On The Waterfront” Edition

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  • The Middle-DVD!
    Best news we’ve heard all day: the DVD for The Middleman, the best TV show to come out last year that none of you watched at all, will be out this summer. Not only that, it will be produced by Shout! Factory, thereby ensuring that it will be high quality. Good show!
  • Springsteen promises high-energy halftime show
    Here’s the problem: anybody who has seen Bruce live — and some of your ‘lopers have seen him several times — knows that a) it won’t be long enough and b) it will probably be better than the game itself.
  • How To Work Out Like An Indie Rocker
    Oh, dear gods, no.
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The Daily Loper – January 28, 2009

Here I Am . . . Let’s Make Records Edition

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The Daily Loper – January 27, 2009

You Will Have Pancakes and You Will Like It Edition

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Imagining an iTunes eBook Store

Update: This post was published on 1/27/09 – exactly one year to the day before Apple announced the iBookstore. For an update on what was announced, see The Day Apple Didn’t Change the World.

Confession time. I was wrong about reading ebooks on the iPhone.

When I evaluated various ereading devices a few months back, I came to the conclusion that the iPhone was not suitable for long form reading. Months later, I’ve now read several books on the iPhone and I have to admit that the experience is growing on me. In fact, I frequently find myself looking at my bookshelf and thinking, “I wish I had that book on my iPhone”.

In most cases those wishes are an impossibility because there’s no (legal) way to get the book in question onto my iPhone — or any other reading device, for that matter. In some cases, where digital editions are available, they aren’t available in a format that would work with any of the current iPhone reader applications.

There’s hope that all of this may be changing soon, as publisher interest in the iPhone/iPod Touch seems to be growing by the day. Publishers are rushing to experiment with all manner of ebook releases targeted at the iPhone.

In part, publishers are turning to the Apple platform as a way to neutralize the momentum building behind Amazon’s proprietary Kindle platform. Ironically, not long ago record labels were headed in the opposite direction, offering up their catalogs to Amazon in hopes that Amazon’s MP3 Store might neutralize some of iTunes’s momentum.