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The Daily Loper – March 31, 2009

Things Just Happen To You When Your A Hep Guy Edition

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The Daily Loper – Mar 30, 2009

Until The War Is Stopped The Battle Can’t Be Won Edition

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The Daily Loper – March 27, 2009

Bad Karma Thing To Do Edition

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  • Charter Communications Files for Bankruptcy
    Too bad.
  • TWoP Recap of BSG Series Finale
    We’ve long loved Jacob’s long recaps of Battlestar Galactica on TWoP — even if a lot of our commenters on our Bravo SendsTelevision Without Pity To Hell post disagree. And, for quite some time now, his recaps of that show have been the only reason any of us visit that site. So, despite the fact that we disagree with his grade on the finale, here is one last link in honor of the end of not one, but two eras.
  • Space smells funny, astronauts say
    Kinda cool, except don’t you need oxygen to smell something?

The FTC on DRM: Fighting for Consumers or Making Toothless Threats?

The moment digital media consumers have long waited for finally came this week as the FTC held a Town Hall meeting to discuss issues surrounding the use of DRM technologies.

From the beginning it was clear the FTC has heard consumer complaints about DRM related issues and takes the matter seriously. What wasn’t clear is what, exactly, the FTC is prepared to do to ensure that consumers get what they pay for when they purchase digital media products.

Mary K. Engle, Acting Deputy Directory for the Bureau of Consumer Protections, opened the workshop with some tough words for companies selling DRM protected media products, warning, “If your advertising giveth and your EULA taketh away, don’t be surprised if the FTC comes calling.” Further, Engle noted that consumer distrust over DRM makes for an unhealthy marketplace. (more…)

The Daily Loper – March 26, 2009

You Won’t Be Forgotten Edition

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