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The Daily Loper – May 26, 2009

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The Daily Loper – May 20, 2009

Fate, Up Against Your Will Edition

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The Daily Loper – May 19, 2009

Fish and Plankton and Sea Greens and Proteins From The Sea Edition

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Podcast: Assessing the Impact of Piracy and Free Content on Book Sales

It’s nearly impossible to have a meaningful discussion on the issue of media piracy. Strong opinions and anecdotal evidence dominate every conversation. There is seldom any hard data to back up the various claims of damage or lack thereof.

The recent New York Times piece on book piracy is typical of the kind of coverage we’ve come to expect from major news source. The story is long on speculation and short on deep thinking or meaningful data.

Meanwhile, O’Reilly Media has just published a new research report on the Impact of P2P and Free Distribution on Book Sales. Written and researched by Brian O’Leary, the report is an all too rare attempt to quantify the impact that various types of freely available content have on sales.

Free content has long been used to promote all forms of media. Is it possible that pirated content might serve a similar role in promoting the purchase of content? O’Leary’s early results seem to indicate that might be the case.

In this podcast I talk with O’Leary about his research. A full transcript of our talk will be available in the next couple of days. (more…)

The Daily Loper – May 13, 2009

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