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The Daily Loper – Jan 30, 2010

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The Daily Loper – Jan 29, 2010

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The Daily Loper – Jan 28, 2010

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The Day Apple Didn’t Change the World

Paper Steve Jobs Apple’s latest gadget is everything we hoped for, and so much less. Granted, the iPad is very cool, but it’s more evolutionary than revolutionary. It is essentially an extra-large iPod Touch with optional 3G wireless.

In my last post I identified five things I’d be watching for during the iPad event.

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The Daily Loper – Jan 27, 2010

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  • 8 Things That Suck About the iPad
    And so the backlash begins. And this doesn’t even mention that it costs you $130 extra for the privilege of spending up to $360 per year with ATT. Even if you already have an iPhone.
  • Baby boomers get their revenge with Leno’s return to ‘Tonight’
    Wow, is this EVER misguided. 1. The WHOLE point of Conan wasn’t that he was a cool kid, but rather, that he was a nerd. 2. With the audience for TV going away, the ratings system — which was ever a crock of shit — needed demographic tuning to support shows that had some kind of edge. 3. Baby Boomers have dominated the culture for decades, so gods forbid ANY of them get replaced by an Xer.
  • Nearly Half Of Netflix Subscribers Now Watch Streams Online
    Yup. We just watched Season 1 of Party Down entirely via Netflix stream, and plan to do so with Season 2 when it kicks in. And in between: catching up with some classic Tom Baker Doctor Who episodes.
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