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Medialoper Bebop Episode 9: Kirk’s New Aloha Spirit

This week, a mellower Kirk is just back from Hawaii — where he has learned how to believe — and he, Jim and Tim discuss the veracity of reports of celebrity death over social media.

In the middle of the discussion, Tim dies, so we tweet that. But it turns out this his death was just a bad Skype connection.

After that, Jim’s Musical Moment to Die For is “Ceremony” by New Order, which naturally leads into a discussion over the concept of Fair Use, and how that concept is useless if you don’t have the money to defend yourself in court. Which sucked for entrepreneur Andy Baio, who was sued for a pixel art version of the cover of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue album.

In a brand-new segment — entitled “You’re An Idiot!” — Jim and Tim take Kirk to school for his ongoing hatred of one of their favorite bands, The Smiths. As always, is comes down to one word: Morrissey.

And finally, Jim shares what’s in his mix: the latest from Fucked Up, TV on the Radio and Fleet Foxes. Also, Tim dies yet again!

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Medialoper Bebop Episode 8: Please Stop Believin’

This week, Jim, Tim & Kirk’s discussion of Jim’s crazy theory about popular music becoming critically acclaimed gets derailed by a mutual lifelong hatred of Journey, including origin stories of that hatred.

After that, there’s a look at Amazon’s announcement that Electronic Books are outselling Acoustic Books, and what that might portend for the future of books and the publishing industry.

Though this podcast was recorded prior to the death of Clarence Clemons, prior to posting it, Jim put together a Musical Moment to Die for in honor of the Big Man: that part in those late 70s versions of “Rosalita” where Bruce would introduce Clarence.

After that, a quick take on MLB’s possible realignment, and Tim shares what’s in his mix: new albums from Neil Young, My Morning Jacket and Lucinda Williams.

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Medialoper Bebop Episode 7: Lions and iClouds and Beers

Lion It’s technology at the front, and music at the end as this week, Kirk, Tim & Jim start off discussing some of the things that they’re looking forward to from Apple: the new Lion upgrade to OS X, the iOS5 for mobile devices, and the iCloud.

Turns out that there is some skepticism as to how well the iMatch service will actually work for any of them, and Kirk challenges Jim to a Metadata Throwdown.

After that, Jim has the first of his Musical Moments to Die For: The Hold Steady – “The Swish,” and the MediaLoper Disclaimer is read, in hopes that the newly discovered Moldovan rip-off of Medialoper Bebop ceases and desists.

Also, Kirk shares a few of the artists that are currently in his musical mix: Charles Bradley, Dexter Gordon & The Sky Drops.

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Medialoper Bebop Episode 6: Band Meeting

Tim & Kirk came over to Jim’s house for BBQ and beer, and afterwards, a podcast broke out.

This week, we discuss AT&T’s epically crappy service, their “hey, we’re trying to get better” commercials, and discuss over whether their upcoming takeover of T-Mobile is a good thing or a bad thing.

Also, Jann Wenner thinks that magazines are panicking when they put themselves on the iPad. We think he’s wrong, of course, but differ on how to pronounce “Jann Wenner.”

Just for the hell of it: “The Real Spirit of Radio” a KFSR promo from 1983, and a bit of behind-the-scenes on how it was put together.

Finally, The Onion’s “Abortionplex” article gets topped by the hive mind, proving not only that nobody is smarter than everybody, nobody is funnier, either. Somehow, this leads the secret origin of Sarah Palin, and, inevitably, two bloody awful impressions.

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