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Medialoper Bebop Episode 14: Can’t Stop Spoiling

Kirk, Tim & Jim are back after an unexplained hiatus, and here’s what they’re talking about this week:

Spoilers. That UCSD study that supposedly said that spoilers actually enhance people’s enjoyment of stories.

The latest battle between musicians and the major labels: how the copyright law might allow artists to control their old recordings.

And in the latest installment of our “You’re an Idiot” segment: Jim is a Windows guy. Kirk & Tim, not so much.

In Jim’s mix: Gil Scott-Heron, tUnE-yArDs, Low and an old R.E.M. bootleg favorite finally gets officially released.

All that, and a Musical Moment with The Who, on Medialoper Bebop Episode 14: Cant Stop Spoilng, brought to you by the DuroSport Electronics Company, where they’ve revolutionized the music player with their new DuroCloud Player.

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Medialoper Bebop Episode 13: Phony Clashmania

MTV turned 30 this week, and Jim, Tim & Kirk discuss its influence and the time that Kirk said “I Want My MTV” for a cable tv contest. (03:45 – 15:25)

Then, it’s a Musical Moment to Die For with “Duel” by Swervedriver (15:30 – 17:33)

Game of Thrones is totally blowing up right now, so we get into a spoiler-free discussion about how we all got into it and why we like it. (17:35 – 29:10)

Medialoper Bebop has a sponsor now: DuroSport Electronics. We’re not happy about it at all. (29:30 – 31:50)

After that, we look at why the London Tourism Bureau is using “London Calling” to try and bring people to London for the 2012 Olympics. (29:35 – 37:16)

Finally, Tim shares the music in his mix: Portugal.The Man; Arctic Monkeys; Fountains of Wayne. And tosses in an extra plug for the new Jane’s Addiction song. (37:18 – 41:05)

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