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Medialoper Bebop Episode 17: Time as An Abstract

After last week’s technical difficulties, Kirk, Tim & Jim are back!

This week, we look at the new Facebook ticker, the Facebook Timeline and discuss the implications of “frictionless sharing.” (3:35 – 12:17)

Then, we’re really looking forward to the new Kindles. (14:10 – 19:30)

Also, a long long long look at and celebration of R.E.M. (21:03 – 46:04)

Finally, a look at what’s in Tim’s mix: Ryan Adams, The Vaccines, The Jayhawks, and Pearl Jam. (46:07 – 50:48)

All that and a Musical Moment at the end of the world, on Medialoper Bebop Episode 17: Time as an Abstract!

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Medialoper Bebop iTunes

Medialoper Bebop iTunes

And There Stands R.E.M.

“… and there stands R.E.M.” is the last phrase on Pavement’s heartfelt (not “heartfelt”) tribute “The Unseen Power of the Picket Fence.”

At the time, R.E.M. had “only” been together for a decade — how long did any of your bands last? — but it felt like they were in it for the long haul, and would be making great records for decades to come.

Of all the bands ever, they seemed like they’d figured it out: how to a be band and not lose your mind, how to stay a band and not lose your heart, and most importantly, how to have success and not lose your soul.

So there they stood. Through the loss of their drummer. Through the loss of their popularity. Through the loss of their ability to make great records. Through the regaining of their ability to make great records.

And there stands R.E.M.


Medialoper Bebop Episode 16: Qwikster’s For Kids (The Lost Episode)

There is no podcast this week.

Not because we didn’t record a podcast, but because Garageband sucks for recording podcasts over iChat. It just works? Absolutely. Working well, on the other hand, not so much.

We had this problem last week, but we able to get a shitty-sounding recording via Kirk using Audio Hijack, but the whole point of Garageband was that it supposedly would let us create a recording where everybody is on a different track, which is awesome. I thought I found a solution to the problem, and tested it this last weekend. But it didn’t work, and crashed twice: once about 15 minutes in, and again, about 55 minutes in.

In the end, after nearly an hour of recording, we got about 30 seconds of audio. This is the second time this has happened. So I’m done with Garageband and will explore different options. As Paul Rudd said in Forgetting Sarah Marshall: “When life gives you lemons, say fuck the lemons and bail.”

However, because I outline the podcast prior to recording it, and last night’s went pretty close to the outline, here’s a summary what you would have heard had we only been able to, you know, record it.


Medialoper Bebop Episode 15: Skype Hunting

This week, we’re working out some technical bugs as we’re recording the podcast via iChat instead of Skype. There’s a damn good reason for this, and Kirk explains why. (2:07 – 16:00)

Then, we take a look at the hype surrounding Windows 8, and Tim admits that there is nothing that Microsoft can ever ever do to make him appreciate them. Just like certain people with Obama. (16:00 – 23:04)

Finally, it’s the third inductee to the Medialoper Great Albums Hall of Fame: Brian Eno’s 1974 masterpiece Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) (24:00 – 35:45)

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