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Medialoper Bebop Episode 21: Harry Potter and the Naked Grab For Cash

This week, Jim, Kirk & Tim are not quite as organized as in previous weeks, which is really saying something (really saying something) (bop bop shoobie do wah).

First off, Kirk’s impending trip to San Francisco sparks a discussion about what having the San Francisco Giants being the MLB champions for a year meant to Tim & Jim, and how the Rapture could have kept the Giants champions forever. (3:45 – 7:10)

Then, we discuss the decision by Warner Bros to put the Harry Potter DVDs on moratorium at the end of the year, and wonder what it might mean for the future of digital media vs. physical media. (7:14 – 19:56)

We look at the first world problem of how iPads are affecting bandwidth in hotel rooms, and Kirk’s PROTIP for solving the problem. (19:57 – 25:45)

After that, another voicemail from Medialoper Bebop Commissioner Gordon Loper. Yep, we’re still in trouble over that whole “Hitler” thing. (25:46 – 28:10)

This week, it was Tim’s turn to do “In The Mix,” however, he’d had a busy week, and tried to discuss albums he hadn’t even heard, and we had to bring in the Commissioner to find out if he could even do that. Tim’s controversial and theoretical mix might include Tom Waits, Noel Gallagher and Coldplay. And Peter Gabriel. (28:12 – 33:50)

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Medialoper Bebop Episode 20: A Podcast to Be Named Later

This week, Tim, & Jim and Kirk discuss whether or not the fact that everybody is experiencing pop culture at their own pace detracts from the communal enjoyment of — and ultimate enjoyment of — that pop culture.

This was brought on because it seems like loads of people are reading the Song of Ice and Fire Books but nobody is discussing them. (6:31 – 16:27)

Then, we discuss our problems with the Medialoper Promo Department, and how you can like us on Facebook . (16:28 -18:59)

Then, we look at the World Series, the ratings for smaller market teams and wonder how much longer it will be on FOX. (19:00 – 28:29)

Welcome to all of our post-Rapture listeners. How is the weather in heaven? (28:30 – 33:19)

All that, and what’s in Kirk’s mix: Wilco, Miles Davis, Best Coast and Beruit (33:20 – 40:10)

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Medialoper Bebop Episode 19: Walk Around and Drink

This week, Jim, Tim & Kirk look at Netflix’s “never mind” about Qwikster and call back to in the infamous “lost” podcast, where the prediction was made that Qwikster wouldn’t make it through October. (03:22 – 14:10)

Next, we deal with previous podcast business involving Hitler and R.E.M. (14:14 – 19:40)

Then, instead of discussing Facebook for the iPad, we parse the saga of Phoenix Jones, superhero and the rest of the Rain City Superhero Movement, and determine that one of the things a superhero needs is multiple copies of his costume. (19:45 – 30:30) –

Finally, it’s Jim’s favorite album of the 21st century – The Hold Steady’s Boys and Girls in America, – the latest inductee into the Medialoper Bebop Great Albums Hall of Fame. (30:30 – 43:13)

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Medialoper Bebop Episode 18: A Huge Mistake

Like every other blog, podcast and media outlet in the entire multiverse, Tim, Jim & Kirk discuss the life of Steve Jobs, the products that he championed and the legacy that he left. (02:17 – 12:28)

After that, we debate the possible return of Arrested Development, and whether or not it even come back in the first place. (14:01 – 22:31)

Then, we talk about how whether or not we listen to albums as albums anymore. (22:32 – 32:07)

Finally, it’s a look at the music in Jim’s mix: Wilco, Kurt Vile and Girls. (32:08 – 35:18)

All that, and a plethora of Hitler jokes, on Medialoper Bebop Episode 18: A Huge Mistake!

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