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Medialoper Bebop Episode 31: Worst. Episode. Ever.

Jim, Kirk and Tim start this week by taking a look at the little-known cult show called The Simpsons, which celebrated its 500th episode this week. (08:30 – 25:53)

After that, we look at a technology that was all but left for dead but is making a comeback: over-the-air TV antennas. (26:04 – 32:53)

Finally, it’s the latest inductee into the Medialoper Bebop Great Albums Hall of Fame: The Jesus and Mary Chain’s Psychocandy (32:54 – 44:53)

All that, and in honor of Kirk’s upcoming ACL surgery and Jean becoming a U.S. citizen, the Pledge of Allegiance!

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Medialoper Bebop Episode 30: All The Great Swedes

This week, Kirk, Tim & Jim start with a discussion of the awesome smart thermostat, Nest, — by the fathers of the iPod — which has become the target of a patent lawsuit by Honeywell. (04:10 – 14:04)

Then, we talk about the new Neflix original series, Lillyhammer, (aka Silvio Goes to Norway and what it might portend for the future of programming. Oh, and of course, Steve Van Zant’s amazing acting chops. (14:05 – 19:25)

After that, it’s a quick look at Madonna at the Super Bowl, and that time an A&R rep tried to convince Kirk to play her on our college radio station. (19:26 – 23:23)

Then, it’s the return of the Coco Crisp Afro Watch! And Kirk has some absolutely stunning news. (23:24 – 27:25)

Finally, Jim reveals what’s in his mix: Cloud Nothings, Craig Finn & The War on Drugs. (27:26 – 30:25)

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