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My Top 30 Favorite Clash Songs


I’ve been evangelizing The Clash for 35 years now. At first, it was annoying my high school classmates who didn’t really want to know, then it was playing them on KFSR again and again.

And more recently, I’ve written about how The Clash changed my life, and how they turned me on to music like reggae, funk and rap, but I’ve never done a good old-fashioned list of my favorite Clash songs. So upon the release of this years definitive box set Sound System (which is still missing a few songs), here we go.

Please note that this list could be entirely different had I done it at any time in the past and will be different if I do it at any time in the future.

  1. Complete Control  (Single, 1977)
  2. Safe European Home (Give ‘Em Enough Rope, 1978)
  3. Death or Glory (London Calling, 1979)
  4. White Riot (The Clash, 1977)
  5. Police on My Back (Sandinista!, 1980)
  6. Train in Vain (London Calling, 1979)
  7. (White Man) in Hammersmith Palais (Single, 1977)
  8. Stay Free (Give ‘Em Enough Rope, 1978)
  9. Rudie Can’t Fail (London Calling, 1979)
  10. Garageland (The Clash, 1977)
  11. Capital Radio 2 (The Cost of Living EP, 1979)
  12. Clampdown (London Calling, 1979)
  13. Somebody Got Murdered (Sandinista!, 1980)
  14. One More Time / One More Dub (Sandinista!, 1980)
  15. I Fought The Law (The Cost of Living EP, 1979)
  16. I’m So Bored With The USA (The Clash, 1977)
  17. London Calling (London Calling, 1979)
  18. All The Young Punks (Give ‘Em Enough Rope, 1978)
  19. The Street Parade (Sandinista!, 1980)
  20. Groovy Times (The Cost of Living EP, 1979)
  21. Atom Tan (Combat Rock, 1982)
  22. Janie Jones  (The Clash, 1977)
  23. The Sound of the Sinners (Sandinista!, 1980)
  24. City of the Dead (B-Side, 1977)
  25. Armagideon Time (Live) (From Here to Eternity, 1980)
  26. London’s Burning (The Clash, 1977)
  27. This is England (Single, 1985)
  28. Stop The World (B-Side, 1980)
  29. The Card Cheat (London Calling, 1979)
  30. Know Your Rights (Combat Rock, 1982)