Archive | Jul 17, 2014

S1, E5: “Bart The General”

“I’d rather they say ‘Death from Above’, but I guess we’re stuck” – Herman.


Written by: John Swartzwelder

Long-time SimpsonsĀ fans recognize “Bart The General” as the introductory episode for the beloved character, Herman, the one-armed military antiques dealer, who would go on to have many wacky adventures.

Or not: as Herman has only made a handful of speaking roles over the long years.

Nope: it was the bully, the initially very broadly-drawn Nelson, who would go on to be one of the most beloved characters. And we know what Nelson would say to Herman about that.

But even if neither character never made another appearance, it wouldn’t matter, as the John Swartzwelder-penned “Bart The General” is another early classic. Not only do the Simpsons act the way they’re supposed to – Marge encouraging discussion, Homer recognizing the code of the schoolyard – the story of Bart organizing an army to get Nelson to stop bullying him just keeps escalating both the war film references and plausible absurdity.

The topper, of course, is – as they’re writing up a peace treaty – Marge asking if “you boys are through playing war?” cos she has cupcakes!