Archive | Jul 21, 2014

S1, E6: “Moaning Lisa”

“Lisa! Get away from that Jazz man!” – Marge.


Written by: Al Jean & Mike Reiss.

I think I finally realized what bugs me about this episode: there is no edge whatsoever to “Bleeding Gums” Murphy. He exists entirely to validate Lisa’s need to express her blues through music. And while he does (gently) call her on her privilege during their jam session, he then turns it into a blues song anyway, which I guess is supposed to show the transformative power of music, or something.

Anyways, while there is some nice character development here for Lisa, it’s all a bit too magical and treacly for me.

I much prefer the B-story, where Bart kicks Homer’s ass in the video boxing so consistently, Homer goes to the arcade to seek help, only to have the plug pulled at his moment of triumph. Bart’s “I’d like to take this moment to announce my retirement from video boxing” was a perfect button to the whole plotline.

And should note that while Bart & Homer’s boxing avatars looking like them was a joke in 1990, I’m sure now it reads as a touch of realism.