Archive | Aug 14, 2014

S1, E13: “Some Enchanted Evening”

“Garcon, another bottle of your second-least-expensive champagne!” – Homer.


Written by: Matt Groening, Sam Simon.

I don’t remember if I thought that “Some Enchanted Evening” was a step back from the glories of the previous two episodes back in 1990, but upon any subsequent rewatch, it’s completely obvious. Good reason though: it was the first one produced for the series, but was pushed to the season finale due to production problems.

And while it has a rare Matt Groening writing credit and a lot of funny lines, “Some Enchanted Evening” doesn’t really add anything to the universe of The Simpsons.

That said, it might have been a better first episode than “Simpsons Roasting Over an Open Fire,” but I guess we’ll never know.

I do remember this: at the time, I was really glad that I had taped all of the episodes of The Simpsons, and was definitely looking forward to more. That said, it didn’t yet feel like an all-time world changer: in May 1990, Twin Peaks – halfway through a first season that I made every person I came into contact with watch – was the first TV show that felt like it was coming from a future where television would routinely produce greater art than any other medium.

But, of course,  I had no way of knowing is that Twin Peaks had already peaked and The Simpsons hadn’t even really started.