Archive | Mar 06, 2017

Certain Songs #810: John Cougar Mellencamp – “Pink Houses”

Album: Uh-Huh
Year: 1983

There was a time there in the early 1980s when I had no idea whether or not I liked John Cougar Mellencamp or I hated John Cougar Mellencamp.

I mean first off, back in 1979, there was the improbably-named John Cougar, and his dumbass “I Need A Lover,” a way-too-long bit of sub-Springsteen misogyny that nevertheless sounded pretty great blasting its way out of KKDJ, so we’ll call that a draw. I know there were a couple of other songs as follow ups, but I can’t remember a damn thing he did until 1982’s “Hurts So Good.”

I fucking hated that song so much that I was pretty sure I could safely dismiss Mr. Cougar.