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Certain Songs #832: Katrina and The Waves – “Red Wine and Whisky”

Album: Katrina and the Waves
Year: 1985

The first thing you need to realize is that the songwriter for Katrina and The Waves, Kimberly Rew, was in The Soft Boys.

It was his guitar and voice that matched Robyn Hitchcock’s on 1980’s Underwater Moonlight, still one of the greatest psychedelic guitar albums ever manufactured on this or any other world.

So he already had a lifetime pass before he even wrote any of his greatest songs.

When the Soft Boys broke up and Robyn Hitchcock went to follow his muse for 35 utterly delightful years (and counting!), Rew hooked back up with a drummer called Alex Cooper he’d played with prior to The Soft Boys, who had been playing in a cover band that included the powerhouse vocalist Katrina Leskanich.