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Certain Songs #844: The Kinks – “Till The End of The Day”

Album: The Kink Kontroversy
Year: 1965

The last of the early hard-rocking Kinks singles, “Till The End of The Day” definitely showed that they were kind of getting tired of the formula, so the riff isn’t quite as narsty, and the guitar solo isn’t quite as wild.

It’s also definitely more sophisticated than “You Really Got Me” or “All Day and All of The Night,” as Ray Davies growing by leaps and bounds as a songwriter, and you can almost feel him chafing at having to dumb it down even this much.


Certain Songs #843: The Kinks – “See My Friends”

Single, 1965

Let’s remember something: in July 1965 it had only been a year since the seminal riff-rock of “You Really Got Me.” And The Kinks were already dabbling — ahead of just about all of their peers — in weird raga-influenced psychedelia.

Weird and beautiful, as “See My Friends” is one of the first times that it was obvious that what Ray Davies wanted was kinda of beyond his band’s capabilities.