Archive | Apr 10, 2017

Certain Songs #845: The Kinks – “Where Have All The Good Times Gone?”

Album: The Kink Kontroversy
Year: 1965

While it was still clearly a transitional album, 1965’s The Kink Kontroversy feels like it was the first time The Kinks stepped into the studio with the intent of making an album full of their own songs and their ideas.

I mean, it still started with the hoary old “Milk Cow Blues,” but once they got that out of the way, it was all Ray, with Dave making his songwriting debut as well. That said, Ray wasn’t quite there yet in terms of being an album artist — so the best songs on The Kink Kontroversy were also available on the “Till The End of The Day” single, which sported “Where Have All The Good Times Gone?” as the b-side.