Archive | Apr 18, 2017

Certain Songs #853: The Kinks – “Afternoon Tea”

Album: Something Else by The Kinks
Year: 1968

The thing about writing about an album as jam-packed with great songs as Something Else By The Kinks is trying to narrow it down to only a handful of songs, especially since it’s only the first of four utter classics in a row.

So, it’s been difficult to pick which songs to write about. While the opening and closing tracks were always going to be written about, just because I didn’t write entries on the likes of the jaunty “Harry Rag,” the rollicking “Love Me Till The Sun Shines,” the domestic drama of “Situation Vacant” or the psychedelic “Lazy Old Sun” — notice how even the song titles are evocative — doesn’t mean I couldn’t have.