Archive | Jun 11, 2017

Certain Songs #904: Led Zeppelin – “Over The Hills and Far Away”

Album: Houses of The Holy
Year: 1973

This is the first Led Zeppelin song I ever heard.

Or at least the first Led Zeppelin song I ever heard that I subsequently knew was by Led Zeppelin. Released as a single, “Over The Hills and Far Away” got a lot of airplay on KYNO-AM during the exact moment when I was becoming a pop music fanatic, so it’s one of those songs that I memorized by heart as a kid, only to fully discover as an adult that it had dozens of layers I’d completely missed.

And it’s probably a top 5 Led Zeppelin song for me now. Which doesn’t make me unique, as “Over The Hills and Far Away” is one of those Zep songs that is eternal and timeless, isn’t it? It grabs you from the very opening with Jimmy Page’s acoustic guitar doubling back upon itself, enjoying the lick that he’d come up with so much that he probably waved Robert Plant off in the studio, as if to say, “hang on, I’m really enjoying this.”