Archive | Aug 11, 2017

Certain Songs #959: Lloyd Cole – “Vin Ordinaire (alt. version)”

Album: The Negatives
Year: 2000

In 1987, when there was a new Lloyd Cole album that who knows when it was going to be released here (but couldn’t buy as an import because Lloyd Cole was signed to an American record label), all I could do was hope that someone bought it for me in the U.K. and brought it over. But by the year 2000 — the future! — that record might show up on Napster or Usenet or somewhere.

And so it was with The Negatives: I had a copy off of the internet long before I was able to buy the U.S. version of the CD at Amoeba in Berkeley. And when I did, the first thing I noticed is that they’d re-recorded my favorite song, the sadly beautiful “Vin Ordinaire.”