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Certain Songs #1000: Lucia Pamela – “Walking on the Moon”

Album: Into Outer Space With Lucia Pamela
Year: 1969

Well, of course I’m incredibly proud at having cranked out 1000 of these suckers in a little under three years, but for all that, I’m not nearly as proud as Lucia Pamela was of her magnum opus, 1969’s Into Outer Space With Lucia Pamela.

And why not? While she’d done enough noteworthy things in her life to rate an obituary in the New York Times and a Tony Kushner play after she passed in 2002 — not to mention a Stereolab song in the mid-1990s — none of it came close to her major achievement: recording an album on the Moon in the city of Moontown.


Certain Songs #999: Low Cut Connie – “Montreal”

Album: “Dirty Pictures” (part 1)
Year: 2017

Low Cut Connie is a roots rock band from the East Coast that I know very little about. Though I do know that one of the things that distinguishes them is that their lead singer, Adam Weiner, plays piano instead of the expected guitar (or bass).

I first heard of them when Weiner appeared on one of my favorite podcasts, The Great Albums, to discuss Willy and The Poor Boys. And honestly, he kinda bugged the shit out of me for reasons I can’t even remember.


Certain Songs #998: Low – “Just Make It Stop”

Album: The Invisible Way

Produced by Jeff Tweedy, 2013’s The Invisible Way wasn’t really much of a departure from the now well-established Low sound. Maybe slightly few atmospherics. Maybe slightly more piano.

That said, my favorite song on the record, the Mimi Parker-driven “Just Make It Stop,” did had something approximating a fast tempo.


Certain Songs #997: Low – “Nothing But Heart”

Album: C’mon
Year: 2011

I’m nothing but heart

Repetition is a tricky thing. Building an entire eight-minute song around singing a single lyric over and over and over again in theory probably shouldn’t work, but on their greatest song, Low slowly builds an entire tower of song around a single, slowly repeated phrase.

I’m nothing but heart


Certain Songs #996: Low – “When I Go Deaf”

Album: The Great Destroyer
Year: 2005

But it was this song that made me a fan.

As somebody who’s been told that “the music’s too loud” for over four decades (and now has to watch TV with the closed captions on), “When I Go Deaf” resonates with me on multiple levels. For one thing: it’s almost unutterably gorgeous. Until it isn’t. And even then, it really is.