Archive | Oct 05, 2017

Certain Songs #1005: Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers – “Listen to Her Heart”

Album: You’re Gonna Get It!
Year: 1978

In May, 1995, Rox & I saw Wilco do an epic, incendiary show at Slim’s in San Francisco. They were touring their first album, A.M., and one of the highlights among the expected Wilco and Uncle Tupelo songs was a heartfelt cover of “Listen to Her Heart,” which completely fit in with their sound, as well as being one of two cover songs they did that night — the other being Doug Sahm’s “Give Back The Key To My Heart” — with the word “heart” in the title that also mention someone else’s (of course) cocaine.

Of course, the circumstances were different in each song. In “Give Back The Key To My Heart,” the coke reference is in the last verse; not so much in “Listen to Her Heart.”

A few years ago, Noel Murray wrote an AV Club Inventory called “14 Classic Tom Petty Opening Lines,” reminding us of the fact that one of Tom Petty’s superpowers was the ability to immediately bring you into whatever situation he was singing about.