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Certain Songs #1053: Lyle Lovett – “If I Had A Boat”

Album: Pontiac
Year: 1987

If Lyle Lovett’s debut album proposed an artist who wasn’t going to be fully bound by his particular genre designation — in this case, “Country”, then the follow-up, Pontiac, doubled down on that proposition.

Of course there were straight-out country songs, but there were also folk songs, R&B songs (which he would explore more deeply on the follow-up), and whatever in the hell “If I Had a Boat” was.


Certain Songs #1052: Lyle Lovett – “God Will”

Album: Lyle Lovett
Year: 1986

Lyle Lovett is a goddamned national treasure.

Of course, you probably already know that. Because at some point over the past 30 years, you’ve stumbled across at least one of his songs — maybe on the TV, maybe on the radio, maybe in a film — and his unique combination of insane melody, mordantly witty lyrics and a voice as pure as a mountain stream has completely blown you away.


Certain Songs #1051: Lydia Loveless – “Somewhere Else”

Album: Somewhere Else
Year: 2014

One of the worst things for any creative person is to get a really great idea in the middle of the night. Because, naturally, the dilemma is whether or not to fully wake yourself up and make sure you scribble it down or sketch or record it in order not to forget it in the morning.

Such was the dilemma Lydia Loveless had when “Somewhere Else” came to her in a hotel room in Austin during SXSW. In her case, she got out of bed and made a demo, and just like that her second album had not just the title track, but the best song, to boot.


Certain Songs #1050: Lydia Loveless – “Boy Crazy”

Album: Boy Crazy EP
Year: 2013

With records that straddle the line between alt-country and alt-rock — featuring her big soaring voice and big soaring guitars — Lydia Loveless has developed a pretty rabid fanbase over the past few years. One of the things that makes her so special is the emotional directness of her music, as typified by 2013’s “Boy Crazy.”

“Boy Crazy,” the title track to a 2013 EP which was just reissued a few weeks ago, starts off with Bill Lamb’s rumbling bass over Todd May’s squealing feedbacky guitar, joined at the hip by a jangly guitar, and has your attention before she even opens her mouth. But even more so afterwards . . .


Certain Songs #1049: Luna – “Black Postcards”

Album: Romantica
Year: 2002


I’ve always been utterly enthralled with that almost nursery rhyme chant that starts the utterly lovely “Black Postcards,” the highlight of Luna’s early 2000s output.

By that time, bassist Britta Phillips, Wareham’s eventual musical and life partner, had joined the band, replacing Justin Harewood, and you can hear her circling around the pinwheeling main riff and drum machine that opens “Black Postcards.”