Archive | Jan 06, 2018

Certain Songs #1091: Marshall Crenshaw – “What Time Is It?”

Album: Field Day
Year: 1983

If Marshall Crenshaw’s 1982 debut was a skosh too retro to fully connect to me, then 1983’s follow-up suffered no such issues. As produced by Steve Lillywhite, Field Day positioned Crenshaw as a contemporary artist simply by giving brother Robert Crenshaw the same big echoey boomy drums as he gave U2 or Big Country.

It probably shouldn’t have worked, and definitely sounds the most 80s of all of Crenshaw’s early records, but at the time, I loved the contrast between Crenshaw’s songs and Lillywhite’s production, especially on songs like “Whenever You’re On My Mind,” “For Her Love” and “Hold It.”