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Certain Songs #1149: The Miss Alans – “Dying Solace”

Cassette: Bus
Year: 1987

And of course, in the mid-1980s, American indie rock exploded, riding an underground rocketship fueled by college radio, fanzines, people with spare couches, and club owners willing to take risks. And, of course, in the mid-1980s thousands of kids all over the country joined bands, figuring that if R.E.M. or The Replacements or X or whomever could do it, so then could they.

And of course, around these bands, music scenes sprung to life all over the country. Some of which got national attention — Minneapolis, Athens & Seattle, come on down! — but most of which operated in their own regional bubble, where maybe one or two bands might maybe get some kind of national attention, but the vast majority remained obscure, not matter how great they were.