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Certain Songs #1231: Nazareth – “Hair of the Dog”

Album: Hair of the Dog
Year: 1975

In the mid 1970s, Craig, the metal fan — and future accountant — who lived across the street from me had all of the Nazareth albums, and listening to those albums, we came up with something called “The Nazareth Rule.” Unlike a lot of the crazy-ass “rules” I’ve listed over the course of one thousand two hundred and thirty-one Certain Songs posts, “The Nazareth Rule” isn’t really that wide-ranging. In fact, it’s specific to Nazareth themselves, and honestly pretty anachronistic four decades later.

Nevertheless, for posterity’s sake, I’ll record it here, so that future generations of people who enjoyed listening to a Scottish hard rock band — for whatever reason, they never quite rose to the level of “metal” — with raspy, scratchy vocals may understand. It’s simply this: put any Nazareth album on your turntable, then drop the needle in the exact middle of any song on that record, and no matter what song it is, they’ll be in the middle of the guitar solo.