Archive | Jun 08, 2018

Certain Songs #1232: The Neats – “Pop Cliche”

Album: The Monkey’s Head in the Corner of the Room EP
Year: 1982

It’s one of those weird memories that has lasted over 35 years: it was late summer 1982, and I was hanging out at the house that Kassia shared with three other women on a weekend afternoon, and this song came on the radio that I’d never heard. Even stranger was that the radio wasn’t tuned to KKDJ or a country station — this was before KFSR had gone on the air — but rather one of the other local public radio stations, which was definitely an anomaly for that time and place.

Anyways, the song hit me instantly: a propulsive, churning instrumental that dropped me dead in my tracks. And one thing you might have noticed about Certain Songs is that there aren’t very many instrumentals in the batch: I think the only other one I’ve written about so far are all jazz songs. It’s hard to sing along with an instrumental.