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Certain Songs #1247: Neil Young – “Tonight’s The Night (Roxy 09-28-1973)”

Album: Roxy – Tonight’s The Night Live
Year: 1973

Recorded at The Roxy, West Hollywood on September 28, 1973

This is where things get complicated. A couple of months after the ending of Time Fades Away tour ended, roadie — and brother of Jan from Jan and Dean — Bruce Berry overdosed, bookending that tour with a death that complimented the OD of Danny Whitten just before the tour started.

This sent Neil Young into a tailspin, and in August of 1973, he assembled a band consisting of bassist Billy Talbot, drummer Ralph Molina, pedal steel guitarist Ben Keith and Nils Lofgren to record a series of songs confronting the pain he was feeling. He dubbed them the Santa Monica Flyers, but they were also essentially Crazy Horse, too.