Archive | Jun 26, 2018

Certain Songs #1250: Neil Young – “Ambulance Blues”

Album: On The Beach
Year: 1974

Recorded at Sunset Sound, Hollywood on March 25, 1974

It’s of course, so obvious that Bob Dylan was one of Neil Young’s influences that I haven’t even bothered to mention it until now. Mostly because I hadn’t really loved Neil’s longer, impressionistic folk songs. Until now.

“Ambulance Blues” is eight minutes of quiet surrealism which somehow always surprises, despite the only instruments being Neil’s acoustic & harmonica, Ben Keith’s bass and, of course, Rusty Kershaw’s fiddle. I say, of course, because the fiddle is doing the heavy musical lifting here, weaving in and out of the song, which starts autobiographical, and then goes in a completely different direction.