Archive | Jul 01, 2018

Certain Songs #1255: National Lampoon – “A History of Neil Young / Southern California Brings Me Down”

Album: Goodbye Pop 1952-1976
Year: 1975

Despite being in the middle of the ditch, Neil Young was still a big enough star in 1975 for the National Lampoon to target him with two separate tracks on one of the greatest musical parody albums ever made, 1975’s Goodbye Pop 1952-1976, a record that I came across as a remainder in late 1980.

And while I didn’t love National Lampoon as much as I loved Saturday Night Live or Monty Python, I definitely bought the magazine on the newsstands, and before that, remembered listening to my friend across the street Craig’s 8-tracks of the National Lampoon Radio Hour that he’d recorded off of probably KFIG.