Archive | Jul 03, 2018

Certain Songs #1257: Neil Young with Crazy Horse – “Danger Bird”

Album: Zuma
Year: 1975

Recorded at House, Point Dume, CA on June 3, 1975

Ahh. My favorite song on Zuma, and one of my top 10 Neil Young songs period, “Danger Bird” has long been overshadowed by its fellow long song, “Cortez The Killer,” but it says here that “Cortez The Killer” only comes alive in front of an audience, whereas the doomy “Danger Bird” finds its apotheosis right there on Zuma.

And sure, there had other songs with long guitar solos since Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, but unlike “Southern Man,” there wasn’t any speeding up for the solo, unlike “Words” there wasn’t a time signature shift, and unlike “Last Dance” the structure of “Danger Bird” was pretty straightforward. So while shorter than the epics on Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, “Danger Bird” is cut from the same cloth: verse / solo / verse / solo / verse / solo, but at the same time is . . . so . . . much . . . slower.