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Certain Songs #1280: Neil Young & Crazy Horse – “Love and Only Love (Pittsburgh 02-17-1991)”

Album: Arc-Weld
Year: 1991

Recorded at the Civic Auditorium, Pittsburgh on February 17, 1991

The first time I saw Neil Young & Crazy Horse was on the Smell The Horse Tour. It was at the Cow Palace in San Francisco on Saturday April 6, 1991. Jay drove Manny, Byron & I in his van, listening to the initial dubs of the Miss Alans Discordia shows the previous weekend on the way up.

At that time, I wasn’t in a great headspace: the second version of Sedan Delivery had just fallen apart, I was going back to CSUF to finally finish my degree, and I was also dealing with a lingering breakup, as well. And in fact, I was originally going to go the next night in Sacramento w/ John, Sherilyn & Doc — a show with way better tickets — but ditched them because I didn’t want any kind of responsibility at all, not even driving, which I was going to do, cos I had the best car. It was also a Sunday night show, and I had to be in class at 9:00AM on Monday.